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Navigating aged care

There are plenty of supports available, from Federal Government funding through to home care services, but navigating the aged care system can be daunting. Here we show you how it works

Get funding – Home Care Packages explained
Government funding for home care services comes in a few forms, from the entry-level Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) to the more comprehensive Home Care Packages (HCPs). The funding you receive depends on the level of support you require, which is assessed through My Aged Care.

You may also have to chip in some money towards your home care services, depending on your income and pension status. Here is a snapshot of the main funding options.

Commonwealth Home Support Program

This is an entry-level program for older people who need some help with daily tasks to live independently at home. You're assessed and funded for particular services, such as basic assistance with housework, personal care, meals, transport, shopping, allied health, social support and respite care. You must be aged 65 or older (50 or older if you identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person) and you don’t need an income assessment.

Home Care Packages

The four Home Care Package levels provide subsidies towards a package of tailored care, services and case management. You're assessed for a funding package that you can use quite broadly to achieve your goals – and you decide how to spend your funds.

The same home care services are available at each level but the amount of funding – and thus the hours and type of care you can buy – increase at each level. Services might include personal care, support services, nursing, allied health and clinical care. Levels 3 and 4 have a greater emphasis on delivering complex care in the home, including more medical care when needed.

Home Care Package Level 1
Home Care Package 1 is comparatively rare, and supports people with basic home care needs.
Approximate hours a week: 2*

Maximum funding available: $8,157 a year (single, full age pensioner)
Home Care Package Level 2
This package is for people with low-level care needs who prefer to live independently and need services to help them live well in their home. It represents the majority of packages available.
Approximate hours a week: 3-4*

Maximum funding available: $14,837 a year (single, full age pensioner)
Home Care Package Level 3
Home Care Package 3 supports people with intermediate care needs. It allows for situations that are more complicated than Level 2, moving into the realm of more complex and clinical care when needed.
Approximate hours a week: 7-9*

Maximum funding available: $32,620 a year (single, full age pensioner)
Home Care Package Level 4
This is the second most-common package, providing for people with high-level care needs, who want to stay at home but need a comprehensive package of services tailored to their personal and medical needs. It allows for complex care in the home, including more clinical care, such as nursing, wound care, speech therapy and physiotherapy.
Approximate hours a week: 10-13*

Maximum funding available: $49,593 a year (single, full age pensioner)

* This is a guide only. Be aware that hours can vary considerably depending on how you choose to spend your funds and on what services.

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Choose services – what to consider
Once you have taken the step to seek support so you or your loved one can enjoy the comfort and security of home, you might end up amazed at the types of services available.

You will be asked a series of questions by My Aged Care to help assess your needs, and the service provider you choose will work with you to tailor services to your preferences.

What services would you like?

Give a thought ahead of time to the type of assistance you would like. Consider how you are managing with your day-to-day living activities and what might improve your way of life. Think about what you enjoy doing and where and when you might like support. Are you feeling isolated and would like to get out and about more? Do you need any support to feel safe? Does family help out? Also take into account your health conditions and medications and whether assistance with those would be useful.

What services are available?

There really is a wide range of services designed to help you live life your way. Services can range from something as simple as help around the house, such as cleaning, laundry and shopping; to help with tasks such as dressing, personal hygiene and grooming. You can access health care services like nursing, podiatry and wound care; or services to get you out and about, like transport, coffee outings and social activities. And respite services can give your carer a break.

When should you consider home care services?

Each case is different. You might be living alone and circumstances are catching up with you. Or maybe you are a partner who is feeling like you can no longer support your loved one without help, or a son or daughter balancing your own family needs with the care of a loved one. You might need some support to recover from an illness or to manage a more chronic health condition or simply want to connect more closely with your community. Whatever your circumstance, whenever you feel like you need a helping hand is the right time to consider home care services.

Blue Care has experts in all aspects of the aged care system. Speak to our dedicated Customer Service team today. One call takes care of it all: 1300 258 322.

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Choose a provider – what to ask
You have made that vital first step in deciding you need some help to remain in the comfort of your own home and have been in contact with My Aged Care to discuss your needs.

Maybe you have already spoken with a representative from My Aged Care face-to-face as part of a process to decide which funding arrangement is best for you. What's next?

Time to think about a provider

Wherever you are on the journey to finding home care support it is never too early to think about which care provider you might turn to once My Aged Care has decided you are eligible. Remember, My Aged Care allocates assistance and funding, but you get to decide which provider should take care of your needs.

How do you find a provider?

Take some time to choose a provider committed to delivering what's important to you. Word of mouth is a great place to start – you may have a friend who is using a provider and is happy with their service. A list of accredited providers is also available from My Aged Care.

Which provider is right for you?

Write a list of the services and support you want and tick them off when you speak with a provider. Each provider is different, so speaking with them will help you understand the services they offer and whether they are a good fit for you. Other important questions to ask include:

  • Where and when will they provide your support? Will all the services be provided at home or will some require a visit to a clinic or care centre?
  • Do they offer the full range of services in your area?
  • Do they have checks to make sure you are being provided with a quality service?
  • Who will provide your services, for example a nurse or occupational therapist? Will it be the same person on a regular basis?
  • What ongoing fees and costs are involved and how much of your government funding will go towards your services? Are there establishment fees, or exit fees if needs change later on?

Blue Care has experts in all aspects of the aged care system. Speak to our dedicated Customer Service team today. One call takes care of it all: 1300 258 322.

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